Connect with grace and experience your true self


Nourish your spirit at Epicentre Healing Therapies, Canberra.

Experience a combination of spiritual, energy and body therapies, personalised for your needs.

Spirit + Mind + Body

Image of mystical handsSpiritual therapies restore natural order for your body, mind and spirit.

Mind + Body

Image of the chakrasEnergy therapies are a breath of fresh air for your mind and body.


Image of dancersBody therapies help you to develop a new awareness of your physical self.

Healing & spirituality

Epicentre Healing Therapies also offers ways to help you fully open to and embrace your spirituality, and so connect with your true self.

Reiki and Seichim attunements for healing yourself and assisting others to heal.

Reiki and Seichim workshops for exploring healing energies and honing the use of them.

Readings to help when you feel you’ve lost clear awareness for yourself.

Spiritual counselling for a spiritual perspective of the issues you're facing in your life.

A healing with Karen is like receiving many gifts all bundled into one. She heals on all levels physical, mental and spiritual, which leaves you feeling whole and ready to face all life’s challenges with ease.

~ M. Clark, Albury

Did I have the courage for change? On my own — No. With Epicentre Healing Therapies — Yes ... Karen has been insightful and caring with her guidance, which has resulted in the alignment of my emotional and spiritual life.

~ W.A., Farrer

Because Karen’s method focuses on connecting the mind and the body, I believe that once my mind found a state of calm, my body was able to follow.

~ Melissa

Without fail I have always finished a session with Karen feeling far better than at the start – more tuned into the important elements of my life.

~ B.G.

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Spirituality & inspiration

Gain insights into God, grace and spirituality with these articles, poems, stories and prayers from Karen Scott.


Be inspired and challenged by these articles and realisations about grace, spirituality and spiritual growth.


Nourish your spirit with this collection of poems about your innocent self and being at one with God.


Share in Karen's stories and reflections about grace, spirituality and her awakening to truth.


Invoke God and the Angels with these prayers of remembrance, gratitude, surrender and love.


Living gracefully is about finding balance in the way we live, while being in harmony with other living beings.

Find your balance

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