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Living Gracefully is dedicated to connecting you with grace and helping you experience your true self.


Nourish your spirit at Epicentre Healing Therapies, Canberra.

Experience a combination of these spiritual, energy and physical therapies, personalised for your needs.

Spirit + Mind + Body

Image of mystical handsSpiritual therapies restore natural order for your body, mind and spirit.

Mind + Body

Image of the chakrasEnergy therapies are a breath of fresh air for your mind and body.


Image of dancersPhysical therapies help you to develop a new awareness of your body.

Healing & spirituality

Epicentre Healing Therapies also offers these sources of support for connecting with your true self.

Reiki and Seichim attunements for healing yourself and assisting others to heal.

Readings to help when you feel you’ve lost clear awareness for yourself.

Spiritual counselling for a spiritual perspective of the issues you're facing in your life.

Spiritual development classes to better understand your true self and your relationship with God.

Wellbeing classes to meditate, stretch, exercise and chat.


Following 10 years of invasive fertility treatments, multiple losses and a difficult birth, all involving a multitude of medical procedures and medications, I finally decided that my psyche could probably do with some nurturing and support. This is how I discovered Karen.

I have found the experience both relaxing and nurturing. It has helped me to transcend the medical experience and focus on the more spiritual side of conception and birth. In fact, I believe during a recent medical procedure, it assisted in making what has become a very difficult process, a much smoother experience for both myself and the specialists involved.

Because Karen’s method focuses on connecting the mind and the body, I believe that once my mind found a state of calm, my body was able to follow.


Spirituality & inspiration

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